How to Integrate Trends in Fitness with Hospitality

Reprinted: Hotel Executive | By: Bryan Green, Founder-CEO, Fitness Design Group

In-Room Fitness

An exciting frontier is the increasing demand around providing guests the infrastructure to exercise within the confines of their hotel room. Whether wishing to work out before troubling to put on makeup, or simply taking advantage of the privacy inherent in one’s own room, hotels have noticed a considerable uptick in interest around delivering a guest room experience in fitness.

Hilton® Hotels and other leading brands have more recently launched significant programs designed to meet guests demand for fitness where they reside most during their stay. In some cases, portable fitness “kits” can be delivered to the room upon request. For other properties, entire “fitness guest suites” have been designed to embrace the wellness lifestyle that so many guests seek today and are willing to pay a premium to inhabit. Naturally, these programs need to deliver upon the incorporation of functional training and guidance while navigating the physical confines of the guestroom, if they are to entice today’s guest.

Another emerging consideration is a focus around properties that compete for conferences and corporate meetings within the confines of their business-friendly facilities. Creating space for healthy stretch breaks and implementing smartly designed “no sweat zones” are opportunities to capitalize on wellness. – Offering stretching mats, foam rollers, and similar activity related items are ways that hotels and resorts can thoroughly spread the facilitation of wellness throughout previously uncharted areas.

What remains clear is that the hospitality industry historically was one of the very first to facilitate exercise away from one’s local community. A tremendous opportunity exists today for hotels and resorts to once again raise the bar and incorporate experiences crafted around trends that are presently driving the fitness industry. It is further important to recognize that an inherent variety exists today in terms of the ways that exercise enthusiasts prefer to get fit. Remaining open minded to diversifying the traditional profile of your fitness center and related spaces is key. This awareness will ultimately help prepare your staff for what will most certainly become a continuation of refreshment and future forward alteration in respect to fitness.

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