In 2017 Fitness Design Group engaged with Hilton Hotels to conceptualize a dedicated Fitness Guest Room model that would ultimately lead to major advancement in the personalization of the hospitality fitness experience – Five Feet To Fitness.

The innovative guest room type offers a compact yet comprehensive gym in the comfort and privacy of one’s personal space. This dynamic and immersive fitness integration has assisted Hilton in wowing health curious and conscious travelers alike now for nearly two years, and is destined for 250+ cities across the globe.

At the heart of the program is a dedicated Gym Rax® Bay featuring an embedded touch screen display.  The system delivers a personalized functional training experience designed to deliver guided workouts such as yoga, cardio, cycling, endurance, Strength, HIIT, or Stretch and Recovery.  The guest is lead though each training session with expert level coaching.  A plethora of equipment, space, and even an indoor cycle is available to keep workouts varied and fresh throughout the guests current and return trips.

As the quest for wellness and support for healthy lifestyles continue to infiltrate and expand among all demographics and walks of life, Hilton’s Five Feet to Fitness represents an extensive and ongoing commitment to guest well-being.

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