Prior to the near term impact of Covid-19, exercise for many had already evolved beyond simple trips to the gym for 60 minute junctures four times a week. With more and more people working from home and their varied schedules, this may mean doing a workout Monday at 8 am, Tuesday at 11 am and Wednesday at 11 pm.

Creating a supplemental home wellness environment that facilitates this regime is an efficient and practical decision. Such space can also be more tailored to one’s specific training needs.

Some critical factors need to be accounted for when planning a Home Gym .

First, the homes structure, interior design and overall environment should be assessed in order to best develop a space that blends seamlessly while remaining efficient.

When setting out to create a home exercise space , you might think that equipment selection is the primary element. But there are critical aspects and thinking that must come first, including electrical, acoustics, surfacing and more.

Fundamentally, the space needs to be designed to support movement based modalities and  assorted types  of training from functional and HIIT to suspension to recovery so that workouts can be fresh and varied.

Storage is another critical aspect … you certainly don’t want kettlebells or medicine balls under foot.

Another very important consideration should be digitally guided training.  At the moment there are a plethora of content offerings, but what is the right way to integrate this important guidance into your specific environment to optimize a workout session to ensure safety and deliver energy and connectivity.

A home that meets the demands of a wellness space, work space and living space and is  also  aesthetically pleasing requires keen planning and design capabilities. We’re here to help


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