No one anticipated a wide scale shut down of fitness centers. Gyms facilitate a coveted communal lifestyle that we as humans strongly desire, and are now ironically deprived of. Yet when the shut-downs are lifted, expectations and demands on those spaces will be greatly shifted. We cannot simply turn on the lights and let people back in. Operators of all types are working now to design an effective plan to manage hygiene, new social distancing standards for these area.

Consider the following:

  • What steps must be taken to re-balance the existing fitness center floorplan and placement of equipment to facilitate new social distancing standards?
  • How will you implement essential hygiene modifications?
  • How will you manage traffic flow and scheduling to mitigate the load in certain areas?

We are here to help and are working diligently with our clients to assist in this effort. Reach us today to initiate our COVID-19 Gym Design Planning   >> Contact Us

Listen  here as Fitness Design Group Founder Bryan Green shares critical thinking and initiatives Multifamily Operators need to consider now in order to successfully navigate the impact of COVID-19 pandemic and beyond:



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