Home gyms   are fast becoming an essential within existing residences and new construction.

When planning for a  home gym , balancing structural elements with training essentials and aesthetics takes keen design skills.

Three key considerations are the  use of space, the right equipment and storage.

Use of Space

Creating a  home gym   designed to facilitate multiple modalities and workouts is critical. Striking the right balance between equipment and open spaces to support large dynamic movements, restorative exercises and the like should be considered. Choose multi-function equipment and  tailored fitness storage are key to creating efficiencies within the space.

The Right Equipment

Regardless of your spatial constraints, choose fitness equipment that will utilize a more conservative footprint, yet deliver big, and in multiple ways. Multi-use tools such as  s uspension straps  and bands that facilitate a combination of cardio, strength and functional training are ideal for in-home use.

Gym Flooring

Sometimes overlooked, flooring is a critical component of your home gym. Look for flooring that’s shock absorbent, durable and easily maintained. A good option is floor tiles, that can be moved or added to.

home gy m   that’s designed to meet the demands of the owner, and possibly multiple owners through the years, requires strong vision and planning.  We’re here to help.




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