When creating a home gym , one thing that often gets overlooked or not thoroughly considered is the flooring. This could – and probably will – result in scuffed, scratched and marred flooring, damaged equipment or much worse – injury.

Likely the flooring in your space is concrete, wood, tile or carpeting. These surfaces don’t support traction, shock absorption or stability. Further, they won’t facilitate cleanliness or sound absorption, and they certainly won’t stand up to equipment use over time. And there are also aesthetics to consider.

Lay the groundwork to fully support your home gym when you are in the designing stage , and you’ll get better workouts while saving yourself from injury, and lots of other issues.

Here are the top five factors to consider when choosing your Home Gym Flooring

What type of activity will you do and what are your space requirements?

If you are into cardio training such as plyometrics or jumping rope, or with the use of a treadmill or heavy equipment, you’ll want to look for durable flooring that absorbs shock and offers support. Rubber is a good place to start. Rubber is also a good option for strength training, as it will support weights or equipment if dropped. Consider exactly how the space will be used and do your research to ensure the flooring well supports it.

What are your space and usage requirements?

If you have a small space, or think you may want to relocate or adjust your training space at some point, interlocking tiles are a great option. Portable and easy to install, simply lock the tiles together in your workout space and you’re ready to go. There are some great durable and affordable options on the market.

Cleanliness and odor prevention

 A consideration for every home gym is how well it cleans up and prevents odors from building. Virgin rubber and recycled rubber are terrific options. With virgin rubber, there is no unpleasant “used tire smell” frequently associated with low-grade rubber floors. The closed cell construction of virgin rubber does not allow dirt or moisture to penetrate the surface of the tile, allowing for easy clean up.

Acoustics and Sound Vibration

The last thing you want is a dream home gym that fills the house with clanking and pounding . Look for gym flooring that absorbs sound !

home gym flooring options and acoustics


Depending on where it’s located in your home, you’ll likely want your home gym to “fit in” with the aesthetics and color scheme of your home.  A black floor may not be what you have in mind. Fortunately there are many color and texture options to choose from that are affordable and won’t disrupt the visual appeal of your space and home. Surfaces can appear like stone or wood, but still perform with the functionality and acoustic properties of rubber.

Designing your home gym with these considerations in mind for use now, and into the future is a solid approach. You may also want to consider a home gym design consultation . For more information contact one of our design specialists today.

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