As we envision the next generation of exercise experiences , broadening access and location to physical activity is paramount. 

People thrive on being part of a community, and gaining energy, guidance and support from others. For these reasons and more, fitness facilities will remain a destination and staple. The current prohibitive mandates and personal concerns for community health risk have driven many to exercise outside of the gym. Moving forward, how and where will we decide to get fit each day?

To remain relevant, facility Operators will most certainly design environments that offer their guests and members safe and experiential workouts in facility.  However, many will seize the opportunity to connect and extending that same workout experience outside of their four walls.

Clearly this will all take a bit of technology to assist.  Most critically, developing and honing an exercise experience that not only keeps your community intact, but will draw new members and remain aligned with your culture and brand will require a strong intention towards design.  

What to Consider:

Exemplify Your Brand Culture and Extend Your Community

The success of any fitness facility is largely driven by its culture, people and brand. It’s the environment and the “feel,” flow, energy and vibe people get from that environment. Operators must not make the mistake of turning to short term solutions such as canned programming or home-made videos that fall below brand standards and can be wholly detrimental to the facility’s value proposition. Programming and execution must be designed as a fully integrated, branded approach .

Offer Robust, Results-Driven Workouts

Digital and virtual programming should reflect an extension of in-gym training.

It must remain energizing, engaging, and inviting. Modalities from high-intensity training to recovery based instruction should be included.  The key is to design the program universally and for long-term sustainability so that your member or participant can facilitate their training regimen anywhere they are.

Offer Equipment Recommendations and Space Allocation for Home or Travel Equipment  

Meeting exercise needs wherever members or guests may train is a great way to demonstrate a commitment to client wellbeing for facilities of all types. Offering a digital extension of your space, along with equipment and storage/space recommendations to support their out-of-gym training will go a long way. The easier you can make it, the stickier your offering becomes. 

Operators in every sector have a unique opportunity going forward to extend their reach and brand.

This takes more thoughtful and careful planning than ever before. It involves rebuilding the future, not simply reacting to the present.  

Engaging a functional fitness design specialist  will help you integrate the authenticity and infrastructure you wish to extend.



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